About Us

What is Careerlah?

Careerlah is a Malaysian student-led organisation that aims to:

Create a platform for our youth to discover and explore various career pathways available in Malaysia. We hope to aid students in making more informed choices regarding their future, and encourage them to develop a diverse range of talents from a young age.

Our Tagline

Illuminating Experience | Empowering Youth | Inspiring Direction

Illuminating Experience

By illuminating experiences of professionals from a multitude of careers, we aim to provide real and honest insight into the different options students have for selecting a career path

Empowering Youth

We believe that choosing a career is no small feat and understand that one may feel overwhelmed or confused about deciding what to pursue. Our articles aim to help students explore their various passions and subsequently, make more educated career choices

Inspiring Direction

Contrary to popular belief, there are more than three career paths one can pursue in life. Our main objective by sharing these stories is not only for students to realise their passions, but also to inspire pursuit, no matter how ‘untraditional’ or ‘uncommon’ they may initially seem

Chew chewing:

Looking back on my past experiences in teaching, I always like to believe that my students will do kind and great things in the future. Even so, I’ve come to realise that many of them unconsciously limit themselves to only careers that they are exposed to, without ever really looking for things outside of what they know. I think that every student deserves to be able to explore more opportunities and find the best fit for their individual talents. For that reason, I wanted to make Careerlah happen.

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