Dr. Puah Chang Hua – Paediatrician

Self – introduction Dr. Puah Chang Hua, MD (UKM), Masters in Medicine (Paeds. UKM) I was born and bred in Taiping,and now serving in KPJ Taiping hospital. My hobbies are jogging and singing. I had previously worked in numerous hospitals throughout 29 years of clinical practice namely Hospital Pulau Pinang, Hospital Kuala Terengganu, Hospital Jerteh,Continue reading “Dr. Puah Chang Hua – Paediatrician”

Suzie Lim – Architect & Former HSBC Head of Property

Background Suzie Lim is an architect who has worked in various projects across Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Formerly the head of property at HSBC Malaysia, Suzie’s architectural experience ranges from housing and office design and construction, corporate facility management, corporate fitout and construction project management. She has now moved towards providing conceptual designs and otherContinue reading “Suzie Lim – Architect & Former HSBC Head of Property”

Dr. Shawn Tan – Chartered Engineer and Entrepreneur

Background Dr Shawn Tan is a Chartered Engineer who has been programming since the late 1980s. A former academic and research fellow, he minds his own business at Aeste while designing open-source microprocessors for fun. He can be reached via Twitter as @sybreon. Walk us through your typical workday. My workday starts when I getContinue reading “Dr. Shawn Tan – Chartered Engineer and Entrepreneur”

Felix Voon – Sound Mix Engineer

Background Felix Voon is a sound mixing engineer that specialises in mixing album and single productions. His range of work spans many genres including pop, rock, jazz, metal, orchestral/classical, EDM and experimental genres. He was nominated twice for “Best Engineered Album” at Anugerah Industri Muzik, the Malaysian version of the Grammys, in 2013 and 2014Continue reading “Felix Voon – Sound Mix Engineer”