Our Team

Just a group of Malaysian students casually trying to prevent an oversupply of doctors, lawyers and engineers in the future.

Chew Ying Hui


Hi everyone, I am Ying Hui and currently studying Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics. I had the privilege of having teachers who used their experiences and kindness to make me love learning and my subjects: Economics, Mathematics, Accounting and Physics. I have not only been inspired to persist in doing what I love but also gained valuable insight into my career path.


Alex Wee Rei Hsia

Co – Chair

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a medical student. In my downtime, I do things that would make anyone question my choice in profession; art, music and dance etc because im all about breaking stereotypes(so i say but actually it’s because many years ago i asked my mother if i could be a graphic designer, a manga artist, and an animator and she said no to all of the above so here we are)

Jokes aside, I actually do love what I do, wouldn’t change it for the world (:


Debra Grace Lim Jia En

Chief Editor

Hi! My name’s Debra and I’m studying law at LSE. I’m one of those random people who was dead set on studying law but still enjoys exploring many potential careers. When I’m not buried in assignments or arguing about prerogative power, you can find me watching Marvel fan theories, figuring out jazz sequences or getting lost on hikes. Oh, I also like obscure historical references and relatable life fail memes. 


Jeremy Goh


Hey everyone, my name is Jeremy and I’m a second year student in the University of Warwick. For me, choosing a career pathway was tough: Knowing that I was interested in something, and wanting to pursue it for the rest of my life were two drastically different things. Doubtful at the start, yet I went with law and it’s been a fun, wacky ride thus far: Haven’t looked back since.


Shebanee Devadasan


Hi! I’m Shebanee and I’m studying law at Durham University. In my spare time I enjoy puppies, communist memes and feminist manifestos. I’m passionate about human rights and fighting injustice in war-torn nations, believing this could be achieved through a Law degree (since my parents wouldn’t let me study Economics). Although extremely rewarding, most people believe this path will leave me broke and living in a card-board box. Can’t wait to probably prove them right. 

Darrshan Naido


Hi there! My name is Darrshan and I’m a law student. Reading law was never really something I planned on doing but now that I’m doing it, I am actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. When I’m not stressed out with classes and assignments, I’ll be watching Spanish dramas and listening to K-pop songs. I’m so happy to be a part of Careerlah. Oh did I mention that I am a Korean food freak?

Neyly Johar

Head of Web Design

Hey guys, I’m Neyly! Watching too much CSI as a kid made me think I wanted to be a scientist, hence why I study Biomedical Sciences. As I continue to face the reality that lab life is not how they portray it on TV, I will be on the lookout for a career that will allow me to hold a microscope in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other.

Farhana Abd Aziz

Web Designer

Hi! I’m Farhana, a 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering student in University of Bath, UK. I always saw the world like a candy shop – take whatever sweets that is of your heart’s desire. Sounds childlike, but it’s why I never felt held back from joining this predominantly male field. And I enjoy every second of it (well, mostly). You can find me most days as the only hijabi playing wing in my university’s rugby team.

Maisarah Omar

Web and Graphic Designer

Hello there! I’m Maisarah. Currently pursuing my bachelor degree in Intelligence Systems and minoring in Psychology. Outside the classroom, I run a small art-based online business. If I had all the money in the world, I would love to travel and explore every corner of it to experience new cultures. Skilled in graphics and multimedia, I hope to provide quality website designs alongside my teammates!

Courtney Tang

Head of HR

Hi! I’m Courtney and I’m currently studying Medicine in Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. I hope this platform serves all the youngsters out there well and allow them to make a well-informed decision for their careers in the future! Honestly, if I had this exposure when I was younger I would not have chosen to do medicine?

Yen Ning Tay

HR Correspondent

Hello! I’m Ning! I am passionate about a lot of things and am still figuring out life itself. I am super grateful to work alongside these amazing people in Careerlah, and I hope through this website, you are able to be inspired and find your own sense of direction and purpose in the world!

Wenqi Cho

HR Correspondent

Hi there! I’m Wenqi. I had always hoped that there would be people who can share and enlighten young students like me who were once curious about what different professions are like and unsure about which career path to take. Thus now, I’m really glad to be a part of a team. To talk about what? Career..lah!

Wan Mohamad Fawwaz

Head of Operatives

Hi, I’m Fawwaz and I am currently doing TESL in UiTM Puncak Alam. I am a movie freak who loves volunteering; I really wish they would provide permanent jobs with salaries for it!

Nurin Athirah

Operative & Web Design

Hola! I’m Nurin. Currently studying Computer Science in Universiti Sains Malaysia! Tbh being a Computer Science student was never part of my plan. I never knew what it held for me back then but now, loving it!

Florence Ng


Hi, I’m Florence. I’m a first year Commerce student majoring in Finance. I have a wide range of interests such as singing, writing, reading, teaching, cooking and swimming. I’m a keen learner and I especially like to study anything related to investment and money management. I hope to become financially independent within the next few years and I wish I could also assist my peers in achieving financial freedom through this website.

Ong Jade-Yi

Head of Public Relations

Hi! I’m Jade and I’m about to study Law in Queen Mary London. I’ve always wanted to study law and I hope that one day everyone can find their own passion like I did! Chew asked me to help her with Public Relations for Careerlah and I think it’s probably cause I run four fanpages (two I made for my Teachers!) so I guess here I am! 


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